About Us

Who is Pets for Life?

Pets for Life was inspired by my adorable and cheeky mini-dachshund Rocco. I’ve always wanted to style Rocco with fun accessories that bring out his personality. I never came across products that were suitable. It was always a challenge to find quality and stylish accessories/apparel to fit his long sausage body. This was when I started shopping around to see what products were available that allowed my pooch to feel comfortable and fashionable but doesn’t break the bank at the same time!

We wanted to share the amazing products we discovered with the world! The products we offer are from trusted brands from Australia and around the world. Our products are made with quality materials that are long lasting. The designs we offer are aimed to always be modern and trendy so they are always in fashion.

What sets Pets for Life apart?

  • We offer free pick-up in Brisbane and can meet you in the middle to provide convenience.
  • We have free fittings for harnesses and collars to ensure the perfect fit.
  • We provide outstanding customer service and will work with you if there are any issues with our products.
  • We offer products at a budget friendly cost.
  • We have fast and cheap delivery fees.

Brands at Pets for Life

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